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Walk in the Stockholm city center

As I said in my last post I will be exploring Stockholm and writing more about it. I feel the best way to explore any city is to walk on the roads of the city. This  presents the real picture of city. So I started my walk on Friday evening after office. From my hotel window I could see water and small boats. I thought I should go there to get some good pictures. So I started walking in that direction. The area is called Riddarholmen. The Swedish names are difficult. I don't understand how to pronounce it. And even if I pronounce it, I am sure it don't sound correctly the way  it should be. During the walk I got some good pictures. I could see some nice buildings, architectures, I captured it in my camera. There is small harbor, I walked around it for some time. It's a very nice place for spending evening. There was less crowd. From this place there is very good view of some Palace situated on the hills nearby across the water and city town hall on the other side. Very ve
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Reaching Stockholm

Wow  this year I am already starting for another country after Perth. In Europe after three Stockholm Sweden. I hope everything will be great at work and other. Good news is I don't have to start from Mumbai. I can take flight to Stockholm from Pune via Delhi. I recently heard that Pune airport stands at 9th rank in service. Well I like the service. People/staff was helpful. All sign boards were at place. Good job Pune. Delhi airport I must say is great. It is neat and clean. It is huge. It looks like airport of India's capital.  I have seen some airports in the world and in India and I can say this is one of the best airports. Our flight took path over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Estonia and so on. We always hear about Afghanistan many news. While I was in school I learnt about Afghanistan how it has difficult terrain with just mountains. I was able to witness it this time. For many hundreds of kilometers I was just able to see dry Rocky h

Go Australia

I started this blog to express my views, experience of the world and my world. I don't want to make it travel blog but many times I travel to some places and I cannot resist myself to write about it. I recently came to Perth, Australia. This is my first journey towards East side of India or Australian continent. I came by Mumbai - Singapore - Perth. At first I must say Mumbai airport is very good. I can compare it with any other great airports of the world. Processes are smooth, no confusion at any point. Well done Mumbai. Flight from Mumbai to Singapore was great. At the first time I saw Mumbai from top. It looks cool although, there is big slum area near airport. It does not look good. But, Queen's necklace, Bandra Worli sea link looks awesome. When you see something from top, you get a complete different perpective. We suddenly realize that there are other dimensions to the world. Ok let me not get started on philosophy. The flight to Singapore was cool. After cros


Recently there was a two month long event happened in my workplace. Two month is too big for an event but it was great. It was a competition of walking or Walkathon. So?  what is great about walkathon?  It's common now a days and happens everywhere. Well, but it happened in my company, it was two months long and it was executed with help of digital technology (supporting Digital India Drive 😀) and most importantly I participated in it 😋 and no...I did not win :( but I participated and walked 5.5 Lacs steps, around 335 Kilometers. This may not be accurate, but even with 10% error, it will be 300 Kms. Wow. Winners completed around 15 Lacs steps and 900 Kms. It was organized by my company in cooperation with another fitness club. We used google fit for measuring steps. And one another application for teams formation, and statistics. Here is it how it happened... All the employees of the company were divided in 12 groups, one Capton was selected for each team. And competition wa

A Different Prespective

For last two weeks I am coming to office at 5.30 AM. Yes 5.30 AM. No, I am not working in night shift or any shift. Its just that my company needs me to come at this time for some days to attend some meetings. Initially I was freaked, when I was asked to come office at 5.30. I was like, are you OK man? But then, I agreed unwillingly. If I have to attend meeting at 5.30, I have to get up at 4.15 AM , max 4.30 AM, duff  WTF. And worst part, its not just me, even my wife have to get up too. I need to get lunch outside for all these days. And, it is not that I can sleep early at night thanks to my kids. So I end up having less sleep. Well I am not writing this post to put up my complaints..ok let me share bright side of it too. Thanks to all these meetings, I am learning lot in totally new domain/area. I am getting huge knowledge and at the same time I am becoming a unique person who hold knowledge in two or more domains. So my value as a professional is increasing, globally. I am get

Mexican food

Wow, I wrote last post 8 months back...time goes so fast. Actually having kids makes us very busy. I have toddler at home and he keeps me and my wife full time involved around him. Our life became so monotonous. I and my wife wanted to have a short break. Recently we were able to get it, finally.  I had nice evening with my wife and with kids, ya they are always with us so far. I am waiting for time when I can go with my wife for dinner alone. 😊 we went to a nice restaurant nearby. And I had great Mexican food. Well I really don't know how original Mexican food looks like or tastes. To be precise I had Indian version of Mexican food and I am loving it. I know that Indian Chinese food have no relation at all with Chinese food in China. Maybe this is the case with Mexican food also. But what I had was really good memorable food. It was all worth for money. I ordered Nachos and tachos. It was perfect. No spicy, very gentle balanced taste, slightly sweet but not much. Tortilla

Hi All

Hi guyz, I have moved five new posts, from my another blog. I wrote these posts earlier in 2014 when I was in Paris. I am planning to delete my another blog hence I moved it here. It will be fun to go through them. Enjoy. Five posts are Disneyland Exploring Paris, Office office in Paris, Eiffel Tower, Chennai - Dubai - Paris See you later.