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Disneyland Paris...its a dream land. I visited it recently. I am writing it here to provide some guidelines about the visit.

First of all, it is to be noted that, tickets needs to be purchased well in time. In Europe, for any ticket, like bus, flight, train or any other, it is better to be sooner. It will always be cheap. One good news is that tickets are available with validity of even one year. Hence it will be possible to attend anytime in one year according to our convenience Except for some days. On its official website you can also check for offers if any. If going in group there could be better offers. Remember that, there are two parts of Disneyland.  1. Disneyland Park and 2. Walt Disney Studios. Separate tickets are needed for each. It is better to get both the tickets at the same time. Its cheaper. Also, tickets are present to cover both the parks in one day or in two days. If you are going on weekend better to cover it in two different days. I feel it is possible to cover all in one day if it is working day.  Also, fast pass are available. By fast pass we can come to ride location on predicted time. By which, it is possible to save some time.

How to reach
Disneyland is located 32Km from the Paris. If you are coming from outside Paris or new to Paris, direct taxis are available. It is present on A4 motorway. GPS coordinates are, N48"52"10" E 2"46"51". If you are aware about the public transport of Paris, then first reach to Nation (on M6, M9). From there catch RER A to Marne la Vallee/Chessy.

After entering the Disneyland first it is important to get the map. Map is available in different languages. It gives fair idea of various rides available and its location. It also gives brief information about the ride. There are different symbols which mentions who should attend the ride. Some rides are not suitable for children, expectant mothers, or physically disabled. It is mentioned on the map. Also, new attractions, are mentioned on the map. Rides which are not available are updated on websites. It should be checked. It is always better to plan the rides of our interest and visit it first.

Food and Entertainment:
There are many restaurants inside the Disneyland, it is possible to get all kind of food inside Disneyland. Walt Disney Studios have many souvenir shops. Many types of souvenir can be bought from these shops. It has variety of key-chains, games, toys, chock-lets, books, jackets, shirts, equipments, and other Mickey mouse and other stuff. There is parade three times everyday. So it is possible see the parade and enjoy it three times a day. At night it is possible to enjoy awesome fireworks. Near to Christmas, it is possible to see very very beautiful decorations. It is possible to visit the mickey mouse.

As I mentioned initially, its a dream world. I believe there should be a place where not just kids but even younger and senior people should forget all about their day today worries and become the kids again and enjoy some moments of this precious life. Disneyland serves exactly same purpose. Its a place of fantasy; its a  wonderful dreamland. If you are planning to visit Paris, I suggest to visit Disneyland for at-least one day.

I am updating this blog with some snaps.


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